Top 5 Family Restaurants

If you’re searching for the perfect family restaurant, there are a lot of options. Check out our list below. You’re sure to find a meal you and your family will love! If you’re not sure where to start, try Red Robin, Carmine’s, Cracker Barrel, or Outback Steakhouse. All have been rated as great options by our readers. Hopefully, this article has given you some new ideas to try.

Outback Steakhouse

A steakhouse chain with an Australian theme, Outback Steakhouse offers a diverse menu of American and international cuisine. Its signature steaks are known the world over, and the restaurant also offers gluten-free options and a kid’s menu. Its menu includes a number of special drink offerings. And the Outback Steakhouse restaurant offers outdoor seating and bar specials, too.

Red Robin

A popular Chicago-area family restaurant, Red Robin has changed its design to cater to the needs of a younger crowd. One large dining area is now divided into three separate zones, a family-friendly dining room, an adult-oriented bar area, and a modern lounge for the young adult crowd. The partitions separate the different areas so there is no noise from the others, yet diners can easily see the other areas. Red Robin is targeting this younger generation, as millennials now make up one-quarter of the U.S. population, and their numbers are projected to rise even more.

Cracker Barrel

When you think of the south, you probably think of the famous Cracker Barrel family restaurant. The dishes at this restaurant are down-home favorites that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. While New York City’s food scene may not feature this type of restaurant, it has a cult following in rural and suburban areas. Cracker Barrel is especially popular for its chicken, beef, and pork dishes.


The plight of a hostess at Carmine’s Family Restaurant in Manhattan has sparked a raging debate about racism and police cover-up. According to charging documents, the three women allegedly grabbed the woman by her hair and arms and struck her in the face and neck. A third woman, who was not vaccinated, passes through the restaurant briefly before the hostess asks to see her identification.

Shake Shack

Founded in New York City in 1998, Shake Shack has expanded to over three hundred seventy-four locations worldwide. Revenue grew 41% to $739.9 million for the company’s fiscal year 2021, a rise of more than four percent from the previous year. The company employs over seven thousand people. Shake Shack opened 36 domestic company-operated stores in 2021 and 26 franchised locations. It plans to open another forty to fifty new locations by 2022. It recently announced delivery services for its food.

Patzeria Family and Friends

If you’re in the neighborhood and are craving some Italian food, you should consider stopping by Patzeria Family and Friends. This family-run restaurant is known for its reasonable prices and delicious menu. You can eat there for lunch or dinner and they accept most major credit cards. If you want to eat out but don’t want to pay a fortune, there are several parking options around the restaurant. You can also order take-out or delivery.

Bacall’s Family Steakhouse

New Yorkers will appreciate the New York style cuisine at Bacall’s Family Steakhouse, which has won acclaim from Time Out and Eater. If you’re planning a weekend getaway to the Big Apple, don’t miss their $49 Bottomless Brunch For Two, which includes two entrees and unlimited brunch drinks for 90 minutes. A great way to spend the day in midtown before a big game or a romantic evening with your spouse is to savor the menu’s classic favorites over the buffet.