Anthony Tunis Shortway was born in warren point, New Jersey on july 23, 1892. He was the son of Harry and Maude Hoek Shortway. Tunis was an athlete and became one of the best pitches in the metropolitan area. Everyone called him tune and in his prime he pitched baseball against such greats as Honus Wagner and Jim Throrpe, Famous Major League baseball players. He could have played for the major leagues but the salaries were so small that he could not make enough to support a family, so he became a mason contractor and built houses.

In 1913 tune married Anna aupperlee and they had two sons, Harry and Anthony whom everyone know as Tex. They resided in Paterson until 1928, when Tune purchased land in the small town of Hawthorne, which was mostly farm land. There was a house, gas station and a barn on the property with a three car garage and two horse barns in the back. During the prohibition years Tune made his own booze. He had neighborhood parties in the barn where the cows, horses and chickens were kept. Everyone convinced him to build a small bar and open it up as Shortway’s Barn. His next step was to go to the town and apply for a liquor license. In September 1933, the doors opened legally. A bar without food did okay, but he decided to sell the now famous hot roast beef sandwiches on hard rolls and kept adding food to the menu.

Shortway’s was one of the most popular places in town. Tune passed away December 1942. The Barn and the farm were left to Harry and Tex. Harry married Marjorie Holmes in 1936. Tex and Marge ran the barn while Harry worked at Curtis Wright Corporation. In the early 50s, Harry bought his brothers share of the business. The Barn would go through many changes, always keeping up with the times. In the 50s it became a stop for many truck drivers, coming in for the famous hot roast beef sandwiches.

As the Clientele changed so did the barn. The place was renovated into a larger bar and the back room booths were removed. In the 60s and 70s, go-go dancers were featured and business boomed. Once again the place changed. October 26, 1981 Harry passed away leaving Marge as the Owner of the Barn and in 1982 there would be more change in store. The entire building was gutted and a new Shortway’s Barn was born. Out with the go-go girls and pool table and in with a new décor. It has taken many years to replace the reputation of a “man’s bar”. Shortway’s Barn sure has come along way.